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When Piers Morgan announced his landing of the first sit-down interview with Robert Blake in over a decade, many expected to see sparks fly.

Last night, those same people were treated to a full-blown blaze as the Baretta star took severe umbrage at Morgan's insistence on repeatedly asking about Blake's late wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley.

Bakley was murdered in 2001 — a crime for which Blake was tried and acquitted in 2005. He later lost a wrongful death suit brought against him by Bakley's three children.

When Morgan brought up the civil case, Blake attacked him for not asking why he was arrested in the first place and accused him of not doing his research or reading the actor's new book (which was his reason for coming on the show in the first place).

Blake going apeshit is great television, but the rest of the interview is pretty remarkable as well.

From Blake calling Bakely a "con artist" to Blake calling Morgan "Charlie Potatoes" for a significant portion of the show, the highlights are too numerous to cherry-pick, but below are a couple of must-watch moments. The rest are here.

[video by Tim Burke]