Corporate America knows that the key characteristic of you, the consumer, is this: you are a liar. You lie to your wife. You lie to your boss. And, worst of all, you lie to corporate America survey-takers whose job it is to determine what you like so that corporate America can sell that thing to you. What do you really like? Corporate America will track your eyeballs in order to find out.

Don't be alarmed—it's just one small step in the gradual evolution towards our1984/ Brave New World/ Minority Report future. Nothing to be worried about. Just corporate researchers tracking your retina's every move in order to bypass the lies of your consciousness and drill directly into your subconscious, where your true desires reside. There is no escape. From the WSJ:

Kimberly-Clark's researchers used computer screens outfitted with retina-tracking cameras when testing the newest packaging for its Viva paper towels in 2009, says Kim Greenwood, senior manager in the company's Virtual Reality Group. Their goal was to find which designs got noticed in the first 10 seconds a shopper looked at a shelf-a crucial window when products are recognized and placed in the shopping cart.

To what nefarious purposes did this heartless multinational conglomerate put the information it obtained from it futuristic retina-tracking screens, the most dystopian weapon yet in the relentless marketing world's arsenal?

"Combining these factors helped us select a 'wave' design over a 'splash' design," Ms. Greenwood said.

Monsters. We advocate a Terminator-like all-out war by the remaining humans, at once.

[WSJ. Photo: Tony Alter/ Flickr]