Here is the roundup of the best hate mail we received this week, including sad goodbyes, t-shirt truths, conspiracy theories, and word-count criticism. Happy Friday the thirteenth: everyone should go get baked and walk on the treadmill for a couple of hours to celebrate.


Try hiring back some of your old writers that actually wrote interesting engaging content. Instead of the journalistic equivalent of commentator trolls. Who gave Magic HIV ? Who cares...And how is it any of your business. Absolutely disgusting ... I'm done with gawker.. I'm probably the last of my friends to have done so...

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So, you went from having the greatest writers and comments on the web, to firing those writers, to destroying the quality of comments by removing the star system, to making the comments cumbersome and difficult to follow, to NO COMMENTS AT ALL? You people have got to be kidding me. Good luck with whatever it is you're trying to do. I suspect it's The Producers - The Web Edition. Goodbye to a once great site. I'll miss you. And AJ- why did you come here just to ruin it? You should be humiliated to walk the halls of Gawker Media.
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There are no hallways at Gawker Media.

Isn't that strange?



Gals, bitches, and bimbos: a feminist writes in

So let me get this straight, two gals get into a fight over Facebook or some dumb shit, one gal gets a little bloody nose and has "night terrors" or whatever, and you write an article about how the first person is some crazy bitch. This has never happened before? Oh that's right it has, both are dumb bimbos, this isn't news, they both will grow up, and you're not a real journalist. Sorry I forgot this is gawker.


A concise critique

Hi Gawker

Your articles are more interesting now but some of them have WAY too many words in them.

Love and hugs,

Todd Palin is revealed as a pimp

Mr. Daulerio,

I won't waste your time venting, I'll just beg ...

Please ... please ... PLEASE DON'T PURSUE THIS STORY.

Go after somebody who REALLY deserves it — like Sarah Palin !

Her husband's career as a pimp and his ties to Secret Service Agent Chaney (who Shailey Tripp says short-changed her just like he did to the hookers in Colombia) MUST be worth more page clicks than any 20-year-old dirt about Magic.

After all, you KNOW that:

1. You'll never be able to prove who infected Magic and the AIDS angle is nothing but an attempt to add some spin to your campaign to "out" him.

2. He doesn't deserve it. He's already suffered enough because of his HIV.

3. He didn't have to go public — he could have lied — but by taking such a brave stance he revolutionized AIDS awareness, raised a shitload of money and saved a lot of lives.

4. Though it's a virtually obsolete concept, the "Who Infected Magic ?" story is WRONG (as in: immoral, unjust, intentionally malicious, motivated only by greed ...)

5. You're vastly underestimating the potential p.r. backlash. And Gawker's traffic has, after all, already flat-lined.

6. You're probably going to laugh at the corniness of it, but ... I appeal to your conscience. You must have one somewhere.

Please ... don't tear down somebody like Magic who's done so much good.


An old queer dying slowly from AIDS (a drug-resistant strain) who watched all his friends die from it

Key Wet t-shirts reveal all truths

KUDOS for bringing up what the PC are too afraid....
It is well known that MJ is/was gay, as they had t-shirts back then in Key Wet stating "I had A Majoc Johnson"

Running is for losers

Wow you really hate treadmills, I would make a joke about them having raped your family or something but I hear rape jokes are out this week. You just wrote 1,000 words and used 11 exclamation points to describe how terrible treadmills are... can I get a 'calm down'? Yea running outside is nice, but let's be honest, running is for losers anyway. I like to get baked and go walk on the treadmill and watch TV for a couple hours, you got a problem with that? I end up walking a few miles instead of sitting on the couch, total win. I lost 31 lbs my first semester at college just from having to walk around everywhere and eating shitty cafeteria food, so boom, don't dispel the virtues of the casual power walk. At the end of the day, a treadmill is like any other piece of workout equipment, you get out of it what you put in.