Something very important is happening in Maryland right now, where many puppies are currently in various stages of being sleep.

This is the Dog Bless You service puppy live cam. It broadcasts video of Real Hot Puppies Looking To Meet Singles in Your Area Right Now.

These golden retriever puppies were born on June 24th (they are Cancers) and will grow up to become service dogs, doctors, lawyers, or maybe even the next president of the United States, but probably service dogs.

They'll be trained by veterans suffering from PTSD as part of a therapy program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda. After two years, they'll be paired with physically disabled veterans.

But right now they're just being puppies on a puppycam.

The litter, made up of five girls and one boy, was born to some bitch named Holly. Holly is not always seen on camera but, when she is, she appears to be over it.

The puppies spend a lot of their time sprawled out on the carpet asleep, which often makes it look like the puppycam is broadcasting chilling live feed of a carbon monoxide leak.

Luckily one of the puppies doesn't sleep as much and, just when you've convinced yourself all the puppies are dead, this one will pop up and start climbing all over its siblings, putting its feet in their faces, putting its butt on their backs.

It's pretty cute, but also: What an asshole.

The puppy cam will continue broadcasting over the next 8 to 10 weeks, at which point the puppies, like so many forgotten childstars, will develop substance abuse problems.

If you know of a puppycam with even more compelling subjects (seven puppies instead of six; a more even split between the sexes; a more exciting breed than golden retrievers; a litter of puppies plus one feisty raccoon), please suggest it now.

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