How often have you been on a long drive and wished that you had a hot shot of espresso to wake you up? Aside from the fact that spilling scalding coffee is a safety hazard, an extra appliance is a distraction, and drinking espresso will make you have to pee way more frequently, the concept of an in-car espresso maker sounds pretty good.

Fiat's 500L will be "the first standard-production car in the world to offer a true espresso coffee machine." The future is here, and it's highly caffeinated.

Also potentially misguided. Those risks outlined above are serious concerns, which is why the 500L's U.S. model might not include the espresso maker. We already spend half the time we're driving staring at our phones. It's hard to believe making and drinking a cup of espresso would do anything to make us better drivers. Sure, alertness is a good thing, but you try driving defensively while enduring bladder contractions.

But hey, it's definitely going to look nice. The espresso maker "is perfectly integrated in the car with a deck designed expressly by Fiat." Plus, the espresso will be provided by Lavazza, which is good quality stuff. In terms of aesthetics and flavor, at least, Fiat is on the right track.

This feels like the kind of development that will end in lots of accidents, burns, and perhaps even an increase in road rage. So if you do manage to get your hands on a true Italian Fiat 500L when this model goes on sale in October, do make the most of your drinking and driving experience.

[Image via Shutterstock]