Life in business class is better. You get to board first, so you can sneer at the tired, disheveled proles as they walk through the cabin with their sick children and burlap sacks full of poor person food. You receive free drinks, which is always the best. You have more leg room, making it easier to pass out after downing your Ambien and/or Xanax (chasing them with your free champagne, naturally). But that's not all: if you fly business class on Delta from Amsterdam to Atlanta, you also get sandwiches with needles in them.

On Sunday, two Delta flights from Amsterdam to Atlanta served the special sandwiches, which included what authorities described as a "sewing needle," a better option, I suppose, than the needle from a used syringe but that probably depends on what you're into. No judgments here. One passenger was injured, but he/she was way pretty tough about the whole thing and refused medical treatment.

Delta is "taking this matter extremely seriously," and has upped security for their food prep operation in Amsterdam.

And Gate Gourmet, Delta's in-flight caterer, has opened its own investigation, and their spokeswoman said, "The situation is highly troubling."

In case you were wondering, a round-trip ticket for a similar flight three weeks from now costs $3,589.00.

[photo via AP]