If you were, say, a world-class athlete, or anyone who had just spent twenty-hours on a plane not including customs and security, the thing you'd most want to do after leaving the airport is get lost, right?

What was supposed to be a forty-five minute trip turned into a four-hour one as bus drivers transporting dozens of athletes got lost on Monday in London. The drivers, at least one of whom was on his first day, apologized, but by then it was too late: the athletes were taking to Twitter.

"Athletes are sleepy, hungry and need to pee. Could we get to the Olympic Village please," tweeted American hurdler Kerron Clement.

Damian Kelly, a spokesperson for the Australian delegation, said,"We were moving, we were in the Olympic lane, and we were going places, we just weren't going where we were supposed to go."

London mayor Boris Johnson played the whole thing pretty cool, though:

"I understand that some of our visitors took the scenic route. They saw more of our fantastic city than they would otherwise have done. And that's no bad thing. What thing of beauty does not have its imperfections?"

American athletes should consider bringing some of their anti-American, communist-made Ralph Lauren clothes in their carry-on on the bus, in addition to water and other necessities, just in case this happens to them.

[photo via AP]