Ask and ye shall receive. Today we told you about the sex scandal surrounding Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll—specifically, that Carletha Cole, a former aide of Carroll's, says that she walked in on the Lt. Gov being orally serviced by Beatriz Ramos, her travel aide.

To refresh your memory:

(Cole) walked into the Lt. Governors Jennifer Carroll's office and observed the Lt. Governor sitting at her desk with her foot up on the cadenza and her skirt hiked up. Beatrice Ramos was kneeling in front of Carroll, poised as if she (Ramos) was about to or had performed oral sex on the Lt. Governor.

Cole was later fired. Drama ensued. The allegations came out. Jennifer Carroll denied being a lesbian. And here we are.

The only missing piece in this textbook Female Republican Lesbian Sex Scandal Allegations Which May or May Not Be True story: a photo of Beatriz Ramos, the alleged servicer. Well, according to Steven Andrews, Carletha Cole's attorney, the woman in the center of the photo above, wearing black and looking over Jennifer Carroll's right shoulder, is Beatriz Ramos. "She was identified by our client Ms. Cole," says Andrews. The photo is from Treasure Coast, Florida newspaper photographer Juan Dale Brown, from a slide show of photos of an event that Carroll attended at Indian River State College.

We have asked Beatriz Ramos for comment, and we will, of course, let you know if we hear from her. If you know more about this case, email us.