Young neighborhood toughs the Backstreet Boys are coming out of retirement to give the world the new BSB tracks it demanded when it got drunk at that 90s-themed happy hour two weeks ago.

The best part? They're all living a house together while they work on their new album.

Here's what the investigative journalists at Good Morning America were able to wring out of the band about The Great Reality Show That Could Have Been:

  • The Boys have breakfast together every day.
  • The Boys all "wake up pretty happy and friendly, as long as we get a good night's sleep."
  • Brian makes the coffee.

The Boys also announced Tuesday on GMA that they will be performing for the first time as a reunited quintet on August 31 in Central Park as part of the show's Summer Concert Series.

The Good Morning America hosts have never been this excited about any event, ever.

"Unbelievably, joining us now from London..."

"This is a very big announcement, so make it for us."


"Can you guys give us one little sound so we can feel that magic again? GIVE IT TO US."

Brian "The Sweetheart" Littrell, Nick "The Blonde One" Carter, A.J. "The Bad Boy" McLean, and Howie "The Other One" Dorough have been performing as a foursome under the Backstreet moniker for a few years. Kevin "The Shy One" Richardson left the band in 2006 but announced in April of this year he had rejoined.

In a group statement, the band made it clear they were thrilled to be reunited with their magic brother:

Carter: "We couldn't be happier to have our brother back with us."
Richardson: "Being back with my brothers again feels great."
Litrell: "Having Kevin back in the mix adds that extra special magic to our group."

The five founding members have not collaborated on an album since 2005, and have not collaborated on an album anyone listened to since 2000. The new one is set to drop in April of 2013, just in time for the band's 20th (20th!) anniversary.

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