Obese writers. Confused readers. Pooping cabbies. It's a real laugh-factory here at Gawker. Enjoy this roundup of the hate mail we received this week.

Mexican Drug Blood Only


I wonder why every article you write about Mexico is about drugs, crime, etc. I don't think I've ever read anything positive about the country in Gawker (I might be wrong, If so I apologize). I am currently living in Mexico but I'm originally from Italy and I think this country is great and it's a shame you can't manage to transmit that. You've never even mentioned the student movements trying to change the election result or anything nice about it for that matter. I think it's very irresponsible to keep making americans and/or the rest of the world be scared to visit a country with one of the best museums, artists, food, etc, etc, etc.

Not Enough Tiny Men, Not Enough Orifices

This heading is terribly misleading and this is indeed very disappointing on the part of Gawke since the tiny men are NOT exploring all her orifices as you imply. Seems you are trying to get lots of clicks and it seems I will not be trusting the contents of Gawker's articles as much as I used to.

Plant Based Diets Are For Nerds


Hello, I am emailing you regarding an article you wrote, essentially bashing healthy and humane diet choices, which I thought was rather ignorant and destructive.

I presumed you to be an obese person, due to your views about food.

Have you ever considered a plant based diet?

Life's Little Mysteries

I really want to read it. The comments, as well as the posts. But
how?!? How, Dear God, HOW?!?!


Just removed all Gawker postings from FB due to the extremely imbecilic (and sophmoric) story on Philly cab driver's taking a dump.

Is there nothing newsworthy?

One More Bitchy Letter About the Columnists

Reading the site today has been delightful. Having the chance to read many of your staff's best writers makes it even more clear by comparison how tremendously weak Louis Peitzman's pieces always are, and this weekend's snoozefest is full of great examples. He picks good topics and stories but his writing is so boring and is more like straight reporting, no flair or fun like Gawker tends to be about, and also lacking any insight or depth like a straight news piece should have it refuses to even be funny.

Perhaps he knows his own literary limits, unlike Rich Juzwiak who seems to try so hard to write fancifully and contribute thoughtful commentary but never manages to succeed.

Besides those two writers I don't know why you get so many bitchy letters about the columnists, I think the quality is still stellar, though I sympathize with the community's distaste for the frequent changing of commenting procedures. This system seems good to me though so, stick with it, they'll all adjust.