Following the Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora, certain gestures were made to pay tribute to victims of the attack. There was the collective decision from the studios to withhold but not really withhold box-office weekend results. There were countless opinion pieces about why the shooting happened and how it could have been prevented and what we, as a country, should be doing differently to ensure that it never happens again. There was a campaign determined to get Christian Bale to visit Aurora.

And there was the other inevitable reaction: Sepia Sad Batmans, weeping Sad Batman political cartoons, and memorial ribbons forming a Sad Batman in negative space hastily constructed by Etsy's finest creative do-gooders.


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[Jeff LeiBoff]


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It's a customized Scrabble piece.

[Cagle Cartoons]

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[Marshall Ramsey, Jackson Clarion-Ledger]

[Washington Post via Pittsburgh Tribune Review]