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Ah, the life of a bar owner. You get to sleep all day, gab with your friends all night, and you never, ever have to pay 12 bucks for a watered down Jack and Coke. In fact, other people pay you for that sad excuse for a drink. Don't you wish you could own a bar when you grow up? Sadly, despite what your first grade teacher might have told you, you can't be whatever your little heart desires. Most of you will have to settle for being ballerinas, or astronauts, or firemen.

Deal with it.

However, for one of you, there is still hope. In celebration of the new show Sullivan & Son — that tells the tale of Steve, a New York City lawyer who decides to leave the courtroom and move back to Pittsburgh to take over his family's booze-slinging biz — TBS is hosting a contest called "Take the Bar Exam." One lucky winner (with a prodigious knowledge of law, liquor, and TV) will receive $100,000 that they could use towards the bar of their dreams.

Head here to take the Bar Exam, and don't forget to tune in to Sullivan & Son every Thursday at 10/9c – only on TBS.