Torrence Brown, Jr., who was in attendance at the Aurora midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, has filed a lawsuit against Century 16 Theater, alleging that they are partly to blame for the outcome of Friday's shooting which resulted in the death of 12 patrons.

Among those killed was A.J. Boik, said to be one of Brown's best friends. Brown himself escaped from the theater physically unscathed, but says he has since developed extreme trauma.

Brown claims in his lawsuit that it was negligent of Century 16 not to guard or alarm their emergency doors. Shooting suspect James Holmes reportedly propped open the emergency doors before returning to his vehicle to fetch his weapons.

In addition to the movie theater, Brown has also named Holmes' doctors as defendants for alleged mismanagement of Holmes' as-yet-unconfirmed medical condition.

Brown is also suing Warner Bros., claiming that The Dark Knight Rises was so violent that it delayed the reaction of many moviegoers who thought the shooting was a promotional stunt.

To represent him, the plaintiff hired "high-powered" Hollywood attorney Donald Karpel. "Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today," Karpel told TMZ.

[H/T: FilmDrunk, photo via AP]