Prosecutors in New Jersey have accused Voorhees police officer Jeffery Tyther of abusing his power after he allegedly used a law enforcement database to learn personal information about a passing female driver so he could stalk her on Facebook.

"He was on patrol and apparently a female motorist drove past him in her vehicle and in a marked police cruiser he pulled up behind her and then pulled up next to her and waved at her," Prosecutor's Office spokesman Jason McLaughlin told Philly's FOX 29.

Looking to track the 20-something woman down, the 44-year-old patrolman plugged her license plate number into the classified state database. "Through that got her personal information and then attempted to contact her through facebook," McLaughlin said.

After the woman turned down Tyther's friend request, he emailed her to make sure she knew he was the police officer who waved at her. It was then that the victim informed a co-worked of Tyther's unwelcome advances, and together they notified the police.

"I think she thought it was creepy", said McLaughlin.

Following a ten-month long investigation into the incident, prosecutors officially charged Tyther with second-degree computer theft and a fourth-degree charge of violating the Motor Vehicle Record Law.

Tyther is currently suspended without pay and faces up to 10 years behind bars if found guilty.

[H/T: The Daily Dot, screengrab via Fox 29]