Today, MTV announced that it's relaunching its show of deep thoughts about a shallow industry — House of Style, the Cindy Crawford-hosted video magazine that ran from '89 to '99, is set to return to the network on Oct. 9. The new host (or "muse," as they say) will be announced on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards, which will be held Sept. 6.

But that's not all. On Tuesday, Aug. 7, MTV will air the retrospective documentary, House of Style: Music, Models and MTV. And up today on MTV Style is an exhaustive blow-by-blow look back at the entire series, which has remained largely unseen since it originally aired, like a lot of back-in-the-day MTV programming (changes in licensing contracts mean that a lot of the music that was originally included can no longer be used, which makes rerunning a nightmare). In the trove of vintage clips posted, there are so many gems to be taken in: an incisive look into the world of rock merchandising, Naomi Campbell wearing zit cream, Jean Paul Gaultier's jaw-droppingly bad foray into recorded music.

I'm really into the profile of Paris Fashion Week, Spring '92 collections that's posted below. In it, a gaggle of supermodels argue why they should be paid stupid amounts of money to stand around and walk around. Also, Naomi Campbell admits that she's into protein drinks and I don't think she's being figurative or anything.