Ever since the collapse of the global economy due to massive, reckless, multi-trillion-dollar "me-first" gambling on an institutional scale, Americans have been clamoring for prosecution of the powerful people whose greed caused this whole mess. And finally, we're getting it: law enforcement has, at long last, arrested the guys who take old cardboard boxes from out back of Wal-Mart.

No longer will average Americans like the Wal-Mart corporation have to wait for Big Cardboard Thievery to pay for its heinous crimes:

Thirty-four-year-old Neal Devito of Old Bridge and 38-year-old John Nichols of Staten Island, N.Y., are charged with theft, fencing and conspiracy. It's not clear whether the men have lawyers.

Good "get" by the Justice Department, but these guys cleared $100K hauling boxes. When can we move onto the "top of the pyramid" guys—the old women who dig in trashcans for recyclable cans? Americans demand justice.

[NYP. Photo: zakwitnij]