Law enforcement sources who spoke exclusively with claim that a package with a notebook from Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes was sent to the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus in Aurora care of a psychiatrist who also teaches at the school.

According to the sources, the notebook, which arrived on campus up to a week prior to the shooting, was "full of details about how [Holmes] was going to kill people," and included "drawings and illustrations of the massacre."

One of the people who spoke with Fox News said the package was received by the mailroom on July 12th, but another source said the exact receipt date could not be confirmed.

Both sources said the intended recipient of Holmes' notebook was a professor who also treated patients at the psychiatry outpatient facility, located in Building 500, where the first suspicious package was delivered. It could not be verified that the psychiatrist had had previous contact with Holmes, who was a dropout from the school's neuroscience doctoral program and had studied various mental health issues and ailments as part of his curriculum.

An FBI agent with the Denver Division said he could not comment on the package or its contents due to a court-issued gag order.

[photo via AP]