Dylan Baumann of Omaha, Nebraska, says dozens of brown recluse spiders have made his house their home over the past several months.

"I saw them crawling across my walls, crawling along my floor boards and saw it crawling by my foot," he told KETV.

Though the brown recluse is venomous, it is not considered an aggressive species.

Still, Baumann is not keen on leaving his fate up to chance and has been keeping his distance from the spiders by moving his bed away from the wall and ensuring his clothes are spider-free before wearing them.

Douglas County Extension Office rep Dennis Ferraro blamed Nebraska's mild winter for the higher than average spider count. "We virtually did not have a cold winter this winter, and the hotter temperatures that we're having would probably allow for more reproduction," he told the ABC affiliate.

Baumann is planning on moving out of his apartment in September, but says that, in the meantime, he and the spiders have to learn to coexist.

[screengrab via KETV]