When movie-related tragedy strikes, it's always good to consider the important things first: the money. Well, good news everyone: Kristen Stewart's devastating betrayal of Robert Pattinson probably won't affect the box office take of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, the final Twilight movie.

As professional box office person Paul Dergarabedian told the AP:

"The fans are so romantically tied to this movie in both the real-life romance and the on-screen romance, so I'm sure this is hitting them pretty hard. They think of Bella and Edward and Kristen and Rob like family - characters they absolutely love on screen and in real life. For a 14-year-old girl, this is probably heartbreaking. But are girls not going to see the movie because of this? Heck no."

Heck no. Dergarabedian went on:

"There's a soap opera going on off-screen, and people love to follow that. I think it only serves to raise awareness of the movie."

Yes, that's true. But tell that to this woman.

An editor at US Weekly, who broke the big story, also had an opinion on the matter, of course:

"It could make her actually more alluring," said Ian Drew, a senior editor at Us Weekly magazine, which features compromising photos of Stewart and her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders in its latest issue, out Friday. "It's not like Sally Field did this, so it could actually enhance her appeal and make her even bigger."

Which, what? Sally Field? Of all the people to mention, he goes with her? I think that's the most shocking thing I've read related to this whole scandal, but Drew disagrees:

"The shocking thing is (Stewart) cheated on Robert Pattinson, who is this guy who everyone in the world wants," Drew said.

That's it. Not the fact that a young woman publicly apologized to her boyfriend in People Magazine. Anyway, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 – still set to make a shit ton of money.

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