The family of a stuntman killed during the filming of Expendables 2 filed a lawsuit Thursday against Nu Image and Millennium Films, that studios that produced the film. The stuntman, Kun Liu, was killed in an explosion last fall in Bulgaria. Another stuntman was injured during the scene. According to TMZ, the scene, "involved the use of high powered explosives and other 'ultra-hazardous activities.'"

Liu's parents filed the suit Thursday morning in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming the defendants:

"...recklessly organized, planned, set up, produced, directed, trained, coordinated and otherwise prepared for and implemented the stunt which involved the use of explosives and other similar ultra-hazardous activities in the rubber boat so as to cause an explosion, thereby injuring [Liu] and causing his death."

Liu's family is seeking at least $25,000 in damages.

Neither Sylvester Stallone nor director Simon West were named in the lawsuit.

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