World's Best Olympian from World's Best Country Excited by World's Best President

President Obama took to Twitter late Tuesday night to congratulate swimmer Michael Phelps on winning his 19th Olympic medal, and setting a new record for the most hardware earned by a single athlete.

Phelps responded to the President a few hours later. He used a lot of exclamation points.
Other celebrities whose congratulatory hi-hello's Michael Phelps retweeted include famed Lindsay Lohan ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson , and what the LA Times identifies as "several professional poker players."

President Obama's Twitter bio notes that tweets sent directly from the Commander-in-Chief are signed "-bo."

President Obama's Twitter bio was written by his dog, Bo.


[LA Times // Image of Michael Phelps Rocking the Ganja via Star Magazine, though the original article is now impossible to find online. Here's a link to the RadarOnline homepage, which is where all the links to Star's Michael Phelps' story redirect]