Amanda Bynes is in the news again today for allegedly being involved in yet another hit-and-run.

The former Nick star is being accused of slamming her black BMW into a Toyota Corolla on Ventura Boulevard Saturday afternoon.

According to the alleged victim, Bynes "looked like a hot mess" and "seemed nervous" about exchanging insurance information. Despite the Toyota's busted bumper and her own car's "significant" damage, Bynes reportedly insisted that there was no serious harm done.

She then returned to her beemer and drove away, according to the other driver, who filed a hit-and-run report a short time later.

Bynes is still on the hook for three other hit-and-run incidents, the first of which allegedly occurred under the influence of alcohol.

She pleaded not guilty to that charge, and continues to maintain that she doesn't drink all the hit-and-run stories are fake.

[photo via AP]