The life of North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong-un is so demanding. He's got to visit endless dolphinariums, watch Disney musicals and, of course, look at things. It's amazing he found time to hand sketch a picture of a mini-golf course for a government report. But he did, and here it is.

The little scribble below was included in a report called "Report on the Procedure of Building Mini-Golf Equipment," according to the Korea JoongAng Daily:

In the report, Kim wrote on March 29 that the landscapers for the Rungna amusement park should "plant trees between each golf facility for providing shade."

There, he himself drew pictures of people taking a break in the shade of a big tree and made a specific explanation next to it.

So, that's nice, I guess? The stark lines and minimalist aesthetic remind me a little of those nice, horrific hell-scenes drawn by escapees from North Korean concentration camps.

Kim Jong-un's only redeeming quality is his weird fixation on mini-golf. (Because who doesn't love mini-golf?) He's been trying to build more courses, and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, was first revealed to the public during a photo opp at a mini-golf course.