Looks like Paul Fusco is going to get his ALF movie after all.

Riding high on a wave of nostalgia for TV shows past, Sony Pictures Animation has reportedly signed a deal to develop a movie based on the iconic 1980s sitcom, with both Fusco and ALF co-creator Tom Patchett on board as producers.

In addition, Fusco is expected to reprise his role as the voice of the show's eponymous character.

Little is known about the project, which has neither a director nor screenwriter attached to it at this stage. But The Hollywood Reporter says the movie will likely be a hybrid CG/live action feature a la last year's The Smurfs.

And speaking of The Smurfs, Jordan Kerner, who produced the cartoon's big-screen adaptation, will be sharing the production work with Patchett and Fusco.

No word on a timeline as of yet.

[screengrab via YouTube]