A 33-year-old Walmart "cart pusher" decided to take matters into his own hands after spotting a remorseful shoplifter at his store in Houston.

"Why are you stealing out of my store? I should whip your ass," Lance Ferguson reportedly shouted at Dominique Mason after he witnessed the 18-year-old allegedly attempting to shoplift several DVDs and video games.

The high school senior told Local 2 News he was intending to shoplift, but changed his mind. "I went back and put them in the Walmart seat just because it was wrong for stealing," he said.

Mason left the store after insisting to Ferguson that he was not stealing the items, but Ferguson was not satisfied, according to a probable cause affidavit, and followed the teen in his car to a nearby parking lot, where he proceeded to run him over.

After striking Mason on the right side of his body and watching him roll off the hood of the car and onto the ground, Ferguson stepped out of the vehicle and yelled "Don't come back to my store. You want to steal from my store?"

Mason was taken to the hospital and treated for back injuries.

Ferguson later tried to deny following Mason, but his pursuit was caught on tape by a store surveillance camera.

The now-former Walmart employee was charged with aggravated assault, and booked into Harris County jail.

[screengrabs via Local 2]