America is currently drier than a Mormon wedding, with large swaths of the country parched by an epic drought and heat wave. But have no fear, Facebook users have banded together to do what they always do in times of trouble: Share stupid memes.

There's this "Facebook Rain Dance" meme going around on Facebook, which consists of a picture of rain and a caption exhorting everyone to "post a picture of rain and focus on RAIN for all those that desperately need it!!" One instance of the meme has been shared more than 2,500 times. The trend seems to be especially pronounced among pagan/witch Facebook users.

During this drought, Facebook has become a powerful organizational tool for those inclined to magical thinking. A group of Oklahomans led by ordained minister Leslie Draper have organized a Facebook group called "Prayers and Gratitude for Cooler Temperatures and Rain in Oklahoma." I never thought I'd stumble on a form of online activism more meaningless than sharing the Kony 2012 video, but here you go.

But! According to the Norman Transcript it did get cooler and rainier soon after the group formed, which proves memes are a powerful weather control apparatus.

"It is my hope that every member feels empowered and aligned with understanding the laws of the universe," said a triumphant Leslie Draper, "when you connect with other similar people, and you all pray and hold energy for the same goal. It is powerful. It's magic."

And it's been raining all day here in New York City, too. Perhaps we have nothing to worry about re: climate change, after all. *Posts 1,000 rain dance memes on Facebook.*

[via Matt Carney]