Today on Lunchtime Poll, we're talking about etiquette, because we're all rude assholes. Consider it a reverse advice column.

I'm staying at a friend's apartment in Brooklyn for a few days, and while my friend and I are very close, I don't know his two roommates at all. When I went to take a shower this morning, I didn't remember until I got out that I'd neglected to bring a towel of my own on this trip. There was a towel hanging there, but I didn't know whose it was, and everyone was asleep, so I couldn't ask to borrow a different one. If I'd had even a t-shirt in there with me, I'd have used that to dry off, but I went in there in only my underwear and the clothes I was going to wear today. Long story short, I used the towel, and I felt bad about it the whole time. Then, I hung it back up and left.

All day I've been thinking about one of my friend's roommates going to take a shower and having to dry off with a towel soaked by the stranger crashing on his couch. I think that might irritate even me, and I'm a pretty laid back guy. Then again, what could I have done? Run through the apartment naked and wet to wake up my friend and ask for a different towel, which he may not have even had? Should I have used my clothes and then picked a different outfit? What would you have done? And to generalize this just a bit, what are your own expectations for house guests—both as the house guest and as the host?

This should be the only question on the SATs. Let's discuss.

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