Got a few hundred bucks and a bloodlust compelling you to pretend to gun down another human being? Boy, have we got the adventure for you.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, a former Navy Seal, Larry Yatch, is offering people who fantasize about killing other people a chance to participate in a reenactment of the Seal raid that executed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani compound last year. Called "Sealed Mindset," the reenactment begins with practice with real firearms aimed at an Osama target, during which Yatch tells the gunners to aim for "anything above the moustache to below the turban."

Once sufficiently amped up by the sensation of pumping deadly bullets out of a rifle, participants are then led on a mission to storm Osama's lair, which is actually just a musty room in Sealed Mindset's 10,000-square-foot studio. The toy soldiers kick in the door and shoot Osama with paintballs, and then the man in the Osama costume slumps over like he's dead, and everyone hoots and howls, about a fake killing.

According to Minnesota Public Radio reporter Madeleine Baran, people walk away from Osama's corpse enthused. "That was awesome," one woman told her.

And she's right: If there's anything this summer has taught us, it's that assault rifles and violence are very fun and awesome games.

[MPR. Image via Facebook]