The New York Times' recent Helen Gurley Brown hagiography, "Helen Gurley Brown, As Others Saw Her," is a mostly uninspiring rundown of anecdotes about the recently deceased Cosmopolitan editor. But about halfway down, in a passage from Brown's former book editor, Michael Korda, things get good:

When we did 'Having It All,' there was a section on how to connect to a man. And there was a list in there of all the things you could send them. One of them was that you should take a strand of your pubic hair, have it encased in plastic, make it into a paperweight for the desk of the man you loved. And I remember Joni and I arguing for hours if not days about first, whether this made any sense at all, and second, whether it could be in the book.

Genius. Christmas is coming, ladies!

[Image via AP]