Real World: Hollywood cast member Joey Kovar was found dead Friday morning.

While the cause of death has yet to be officially determined, TMZ reports that it was the lethal combination of cocaine, alcohol, and Viagra.

Kovar's history of substance abuse problems was well documented by reality TV cameras: after a series of erratic behavior, he left The Real World midseason to seek treatment for drug and alcohol problems.

Initially, rehab didn't take, and Kovar returned to treatment — and to reality TV — with a stint on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab.

Kovar, who had two young children, was reportedly doing better. His brother David Kovar told the Chicago Tribune

Everyone is in shock right now. He seemed fine, he was happier and he was doing better. Everything was going very well. The very, very last thing that our family is suspecting is drugs.

As of now, the cause of Kovar's death is entirely speculative: his toxicology reports will take weeks.