While not as damning as Anthony Weiner's penis, a photo of Bow Wow spooning another man appeared on Twitter last night, inspiring the traditional cries of "I was hacked," followed by purging of Bow Wow's entire account.

The completely tasteful but yes homo photo was uploaded by user @7_I_Am.

Yep, Bow Wow's Twitter feed had nothing to do with it. And it would have been easy for the rapper's PR team to deny that the big spoon in the photo is even Bow Wow — the resemblance is there, but it's not a sure thing.

Instead, Bow Wow's immediate response was, "RT i got 2500$ to any Detroit nigga that finds @7_i_am and slaps the piss outta dis nigga. Word!" which @7_I_Am retweeted (as requested) before Bow Wow deleted it.

Then things got weirder. Bow Wow was hacked, allegedly. Eighteen strange tweets appeared from someone claiming to be @7_I_Am, looking to extort money or a record deal out of his shady Twitter dealings.

But @7_I_Am denied everything.

If it really was Bow Wow's team faking a hacker, what were they hoping to accomplish? Was the grainy cuddling photo really that damaging?

We can't ask them, though, because Bow Wow's Twitter was deleted last night. No word yet on whether this was done by a hacker, a "hacker," or as some sort of divine retribution for committing the sin of shirtless hugging another dude.

The man in the photo is apparently not Bow Wow. Here's the story from Preston, who claims to be one half of the gay couple in the pic.

[Image via Twitter]