The Oakland bishop picked by Pope Benedict XVI to lead the Roman Catholic archdiocese of San Francisco was arrested over the weekend and booked into jail in San Diego on suspicion of drunken driving.

Salvatore J. Cordileone was stopped by police at a sobriety checkpoint near San Diego State University shortly after midnight on Saturday. He was charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence and booked into county jail.

He subsequently posted bail and was released.

The former auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of San Diego moved to Oakland in 2009, where he has been serving as bishop. Cordileone was appointed archbishop of the archdiocese of San Francisco in July, and is expected to formally assume the position in October.

Known as "the architect of Proposition 8," the 56-year-old played a pivotal role in convincing many Catholic organizations in California to help bankroll the 2008 campaign to overturn the state's same-sex marriage law. With his help, Prop 8 supporters raised some $1.5 million, which went a long way toward helping get the measure passed.

[H/T: Towleroad, photo via AP]