Below is a remix of Gawker favs Niki & the Dove's "DJ, Ease My Mind," by Gawker favs Twin Shadow. Mr. Shadow strips the song of its furiously swirling house and surrounds it with a plaintive electric guitar and some other atmospheric effects. Voila: a dance song becomes a ballad. It's an effective trick, but kind of a cheat: many dance songs are ballads at heart and to place them in such a straightforward setting is ultimately reductive. For that reason, I have come to loathe Frente!'s alternahit cover of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle." Yeah, we get it: the song is sad. We don't need your weeping guitar to prove what has been conveyed in a more exciting and complex manner.

Truth be told: I'm not mad at this take on "DJ, Ease My Mind." In fact, I think it's lovely. I just really wanted to bitch about Frente!