In 2008, 16-year-old pageant queen Alicia Guastaferro learned the valuable lesson that, when you become a "break-out star" on a reality televsion show, 9 times out of 10 it is because everyone hates you.

Guastaferro, now 20, was arrested early Tuesday morning at a rest stop off the New York State Thruway for prostitution. According to police, she was very forthcoming with all kinds of details about her fabulous prostitute life.

Alicia appeared in one episode of ABC's horrible-but-so-conducive-to-marathons program, Wife Swap, and countless YouTube clips thereafter.

While statements like "I do feel sorry for people that are not gorgeous people" would have been enough to earn her glares and eyerolls from the gorgeous and non-gorgeous alike, the detail that catapulted her to infamy was the revelation that her parents kept a Christmas tree up year round and rewarded Alicia for her sheer Alicia-ness with a present every day.

(Alicia later sued ABC for emotional damage, claiming the show scripted scenes to paint her in a bad light.)

In justification of the Christmas tree stunt, Alicia's mother told the camera "…she's just such a pleasurable child and deserves it."

Now Alicia is living up to her "pleasurable child" epithet by pleasuring men for money.

Guastaferro was caught with 54-year-old man named James Doyle, whom local news stories describe as "a prominent Rochester attorney." Doyle was apparently asleep in his car when cops approached.

Guastaferro, evidently in a sharing mood, allegedly told police that she has sex with Doyle twice a month for $500 to $700 a night, adding helpfully "He pays me in the morning."

Fans of Guastaferro will no doubt recall that she revealed on the show that hers was a choreless existence, so it's great to see her out there working.

(In 2008, upon seeing a photo of the teenager who would act as her surrogate daughter for the duration of Wife Swap filming, Alicia's temporary new mother exclaimed "She looks like a prostitute!")

James Doyle, who was charged with DWI, Providing Alcohol to a Person Under 21, and Patronizing a Prostitute, called the allegegations "lurid, salacious, and absolutely incorrect."

Guastaferro was charged with Criminal Impersonation and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, and with being "Arrestingly Beautiful"—haha, just kidding; she was charged with Prostitution.

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