A 13-year-old Salisbury, North Carolina, boy who really didn't want to do his homework reportedly threatened his babysitter with a knife after she asked him several times to hit the books.

The 31-year-old live-in sitter told Rowan County sheriff's deputies she had just finished making the teen an afterschool snack and inquired about his homework.

When he didn't respond, she asked him a few more times. According to the incident report, the sitter then picked up the boy's bookbag, which apparently set him off.

"She heard him make a noise behind her and when she turned around, the juvenile was standing there holding a steak knife in his right hand," reads the sheriff's report. "He told her he would stab her if she didn't get out of his bookbag."

The sitter called the police and the boy was taken into custody. He was later handed over to his mother and a juvenile services court date is likely forthcoming.

In fairness to the kid, school sucks.

[photo via Shutterstock]