REPORTING LIVE FROM THE TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER'S RADIO ROW—Just moments ago, the political world's axis tilted directly towards the second floor of the Tampa Convention Center, near the back doors, where onetime pizza restaurateur Herman Cain delivered a scorching call for truth to the assembled voracious media scrum.

"Most mainstream media won't say this—not you people, but mainstream media," Cain said, gesturing to the crowd of mainstream media reporters surrounding him. "If you're under 55, you get the chance to ride that train into Medicare." He pumped his hips ever so slightly as he said this.

Unafraid of the reaction of liberal elites and their MSM cronies, Cain proceeded to singlehandedly smash, destroy, dismantle, and dispose of the false MSM narrative stating that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is "not likable," or "like some fucking robot."

"Remember, we had to meet in the greenroom before the debates," Cain reminded the assembled journalists, including your correspondent, who anxiously transcribed the gold chain-wearing radio host's remarks. "Out of the eight people, Governor Romney was one of the most likable people there."

Put that in your latte and sip it, MSM fact checkers: Mitt Romney was more likable than at least four—and perhaps as many as seven—other Republicans that Herman Cain has met, in person. Your correspondent walked away rapidly in order to avoid being injured by the truth bomb.