Sherman Hemsley, who died five weeks ago, still hasn't been buried because of a conflict involving his will. The Jeffersons star's will, which was signed just six weeks before his death, left his estate, estimated at $50,000, to his longtime partner and manager, Flora Enchinton. But before Enchinton could claim it, a man named Richard Thornton appeared from nowhere (or Philadelphia, if you want to be exact), claiming to be Hemsley's long lost brother. Throrton says Hemsley's will might not be real, and he's contesting it. But Enchinton says she knew and lived with Hemsley for more than 20 years, and he never once mentioned a brother. So they're fighting over the $50,000.

What this has to do with burying Hemsley, I have no idea. What is known, though, is that Hemsley's body is still "on ice" in El Paso, Texas.

Right or wrong, Enchinton accurately summed up the situation:

"It is disgraceful," Enchinton told local TV station KVIA. "It is sad. This was a man with dignity. This is not what Sherman would have wanted."

[Image via AP]