A lot of important questions were tossed at us this week: What are Gawker's politics? What does it take to get escorted out of the RNC? Does Rand Paul wear a wig? And perhaps most pressing, are we sure that Blue Ivy is the daughter of the devil? Take the weekend to consider these questions and we'll regroup after Labor Day. Have a superb long weekend, everyone!

How to Use "Queer" as an Adjective, a Verb, and a Noun: A Tutorial by Glen F.

Hey pricks: do me a favor and do not write up any queer stories. Just go queering in the closet! These queers stories make me bunt and provoke me. The queer sodomites can do as they please but there is no reason to force me to read it. I tell all queers: ignore the temptation, ignore the feelings! Just go ahead and go queering in the closet! So there!
Glen F.

Just Wonderin'

subj: ur website
is this a far left web site?

In an Unexpected Turn of Events, A Redditor Shares His Strong Opinion

subj: here's a tip, Fire Adrian Chen

His article "Obama Grants Interview to Racist Teen Nude Picture Website" was inflammatory, inaccurate, and very poor journalism. Calling Reddit a "racist teen nude picture website" would be like calling Gawker a porn company because you used to own Fleshbot.

Reddit has millions of users, and Gawker shares a great deal of its readers WITH Reddit, me included. Take a look at the Facebook post for that article and you will see how well Adrian's writing is received by your readers. We do not want him. Please deal with the manner accordingly, because Gawker used to be a site for honest, fair, unbiased news; with writing like this, it's becoming nothing more than a tabloid trash mag.

David Is Strictly an Ideas Man

Dear Gawker,

This is more of a thought than a tip, but what would happen if someone unfurled a huge portrait of George W. Bush inside the RNC? Would they be escorted out of the building?

Please don't mention my name if you do anything on this.


Dear Gawker,

After doing a Google Image search on Rand Paul I'm almost positive he wears a rug. I think he's giving a major speech at the RNC. Might this be a good time to ask the question if he wears a wig?

Please do not include my name if you do anything.


Current Gawker writer, Alex Pareene

subj: Alex Pareene's LIES article
I've noticed, over the years, the more shrill one's opinion and outcry are, the more they are shone to be mindless political, partisan hacks— and you fit that characterization to a "T"......

An Illuminati Enthusiast Craves More Flesh

How are to believe that blue ivy is the daughtor of the devil when there is no reference in the Bible saying that the devil will bear a woman child? Can you put more flesh on this statement, sir!
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