Snarling manchild who was raised without rules and should never be allowed to own a gun Justin Bieber let everyone on the Internet know how hard he is yesterday by posing with a fake gun in some pictures uploaded to Twitter.

The photos were taken on the set of his girlfriend Selena Gomez's movie Feed the Dog. In them, Justin Bieber ruins perfectly adorable pictures of Selena Gomez by alternately mean-muggin'...

and making scary wide-eyed crazy faces at the camera.

Rather than tweeting "Sick gun pics, bro" at Justin Bieber, the general reaction on the Internet has been one of abject horror. Many are suggesting it was insensitive of the modern day King Joffrey to brandish a (pretty realistic) fake gun in photos, given the spate of shootings that have dominated the news in recent weeks.

Justin Bieber likely remains, as ever, unperturbed.

Images via @HechosSMGomez // h/t Neil