Three bus drivers in San Diego may have accidentally eaten pot brownies and worked their shift, before feeling "dizzy" and calling in for replacement drivers. According to NBC San Diego, the three drivers were all given brownies by another MTS employee. That MTS employee, the brownie pusher, claims that it was his roommate that baked the brownies, which, likely story.

Naturally, San Diego residents are concerned about the accidental stoners amongst them, who, if you think about it, could be anywhere.

When Oscar Rojas of San Ysidro heard about the incident, he had concerns for his safety and that of other riders.

"Not a good thing," he said, shaking his head. "Makes me wonder what about the system, you know? Who's supervising these guys and what are we doing to correct this?"

And, of course, MTS officials were pretty lame about the whole thing.

MTS Vice Chairman Ron Roberts told 10News he was informed of the incident Wednesday — four days after it happened.

"This could have been a major disaster," said Roberts. "It's not funny. It's not fun and it's irresponsible at the highest level."

That being said, we all know that Roberts, in his heart of hearts, thinks it's sort of funny.

Anyway, all three drivers plus the MTS employee with the probably made-up roommate were placed on paid leave pending an investigation.

[Image via NBC San Diego]