The Oogieloves Breaks Records for Box Office Failure

Despite an oppressive ad campaign, The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure did not overcome its "What the hell is this?" vibe.

The film earned an impressively low $448,131, the worst ever gross for a film opening on between 2,000 and 2,500 screens.

If that's not impressive enough, The Oogieloves is now the 12th lowest wide-release debut of all time. Adding insult to injury, it allegedly cost a total of $60 million to make and market.


But The Oogieloves wasn't the only disappointment this weekend: Lawless trailed in second place with a very modest $9.7 million. That makes it the first Shia LaBeouf movie to not debut at No. 1 since Disturbia began the trend in 2007.

In brighter news, The Possession took the top spot with $17.7 million, which means Hollywood will continue to projectile vomit Exorcist rip-offs onto predictable audiences. At least this one is based on a true story.


[Image via AP]