Generally walking into a fire station and confessing to murder is a good way to get oneself arrested. But a Detroit man was forced to turn himself in twice after the first time didn't stick.

Two hours after shooting four people, two of whom died, the suspect went to a fire station and admitted involvement in the shooting. Fire fighters called the Detroit Police Department — only to be told that all the officers were occupied. (It was 3:20 a.m., after all.)

The suspect left the fire station and escorted himself to the police station, where he was arrested. I guess if someone's already interested in admitting guilt, he can get by on the honor system. It still seems unwise to let a confessed shooter roam the streets in the middle of the night.

Police Chief Ray Godbee says there will be an investigation to determine what went wrong.

Every effort to ensure that this person was taken into police custody should have occurred. Therefore an administrative investigation will be conducted to determine if this police run was handled appropriately and to ascertain if there were any other patrol resources which should have been made available to respond to the Detroit Fire Engine Quarters.

Um, obviously it was not handled appropriately, as you just said. But whatever. We'll ignore your first admission and wait for round two.

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