In what is surely the biggest reveal of the campaign season so far, the Obama camp finally released the previously top secret recipe to Obama's two home brewed beers. White House chef Sam Kass posted the recipes for the beers – a honey ale and a honey porter – to the White House's blog on Saturday afternoon.

President Obama, a notorious everyman, has a long and storied history with beers, and there's been public record of a honey ale since the White House served it during Obama's 2011 Super Bowl party. However, Obama and his cronies didn't reveal the recipe until over 12,200 patriots signed an online petition demanding its release. All of of which begs the question: is this the real recipe? And: how can we be sure the darker porter isn't secretly an import?

And if you're still an undecided voter, the Washington Post has some information you may want to consider.

...Republican Mitt Romney, does not consume alcohol given his Mormon faith.

...Should (Obama) lose, the White House bar menu may well look different. Romney drinks Cherry Coke Zero or Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Politics aside, do we really want a president whose favorite drink is Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi?

[Image via AP]