Is Barack Obama finally embracing stoner comedy?

Eh, not really. In a new video released by the campaign Monday, Obama calls up former White House employee Kal Penn and asks for his help. Penn is watching cartoons and eating pizza with Harold and Kumar co-star John Cho, but there's no real indication that they're supposed to be in character.

Still: pizza, cartoons, pothead icons. Margaret Hartmann at New York Magazine writes, "Apparently President Obama hasn't given up on the stoner vote, despite their notoriously low turnout rates." But damn it, that's what mail-in ballots are for.

Of course, the real takeaway from this video is that Penn will be hosting the Democratic National Convention official livestream on Thursday. Chances are he's doing it sober, although a really baked Kal Penn would still be more coherent than Clint Eastwood.