Some people were born to sing; others were born to act. Peter Drakos was born to win stuffed animals at amusement parks.

The 64-year-old car salesman is so good at winning carnival game prizes — CBS News calls him "arguably the best in the world" — that at least one amusement park in Ohio has been forced to limit the number of stuffed animals guests are allowed to win.

"I don't want to say it's all because of me, but it's all because of me," he told CBS.

Drakos takes pride in his gift, but he also takes pride in giving his gift away. By his own conservative estimate, Drakos has given away some 250,000 toys, mostly to charities, since he started throwing baseballs at empty milk bottles when he was nine.

"Sometimes it brings tears to your eyes because you know that they're really happy," Drakos said.

[video via Tastefully Offensive]