The FINAL NIGHT of the Democratic National Convention is set to begin, and there is a SUPER BOWL ATMOSPHERE in the air, at least here in Charlotte, in the immediate vicinity of the Time Warner Cable Sucks™ Arena, where U.S. president BARACK OBAMA will be speaking in less than six hours. No idea how it is in the rest of America. But here, people are FIRED UP, as well as READY TO GO.

A flash rainstorm pounded Charlotte this afternoon. A flash rainstorm better also pound Charlotte tonight, or else the Democratic Party will look foolish for canceling Obama's outdoor stadium speech.

By 3:30, there was already a huge line waiting to get in. Fun fact: every umbrella you see in this photo will be confiscated before these people get in.

No umbrellas.

A lone Occupier occupies.

Only the exclusive media muckety-mucks get passes to the CNN Grill tonight, where they will watch the proceedings in style while being served free drinks and food. Fuck them.

You "need" to bring your Leatherman tool to the speech "just in case" your chair breaks? Sorry, sir.

And before Obama, it's James Taylor! Marc Anthony! Mary J. Blige! And The Foo Fighters! Yes—The Foo Fighters!

Join us tonight for hot political analysis—and The Foo Fighters!