Post-tutu, Anonymous has released a new statement about their "FBI laptop" hack. It's typically rambling and contains no real evidence that the million Apple device IDs (known as UDIDs) that Anonymous leaked earlier this week were found on an FBI laptop, as they claim.

In the statement Anonymous claims they haven't released any more proof of cracking an FBI laptop because they don't want to give the feds evidence to use against them. From the statement posted to

we ll post hacking session and shits u want.
but when we think its the right move at the right moment,
after we r sure theres no mistake done left to be traced and not when u want.
cause probably you dont care too much about it at this point. but in our end
we dont want to lose assets and resources we still use and hand over valuable info to fbi, etc.
main cause: they r mad as hell and tracking right now all comms, we know some of u have already noticed it too.

This evasiveness might very well be because Anonymous has no evidence, because they didn't actually get the data from the FBI. The FBI has strenuously denied they ever had Apple UDIDs. With no proof of an FBI hack, geeks are speculating the data actually came from a hacked iPhone/iPad app developer. An app developer would likely have the UDIDs of all its customers: Maybe Anonymous broke into an app developer's database—some popular game or photo app, perhaps—then pretended the leak came from the FBI in order to create the fake spectacle of uncovering a massive FBI spying project.

The only new information the hackers provide is this:

for the moment we think its quite safe to mention these clues:
3 IPs were involved, 2 of them were like:



If you have any idea what this means, and if this backs up Anonymous' hacking claims please enlighten us in the comments. In the meantime, we're still waiting for those interviews Anonymous promised.