Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof's divorce from her husband, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills red dwarf Paul Nassif, has taken an ugly turn, says TMZ.

Nassif reportedly said in court today that Maloof "pushed him and also was verbally abusive," in front of their three young sons, specifically calling him "stupid…dumb and an idiot."

No surprises there for anyone who's ever watched the show, but then there was this weird story about a gun:

Later in court, Paul also said [that] while he was asleep one day, she went into his briefcase and removed a gun and then took a picture of it.

According to the website, Paul "never explained" why his wife did this. He also seems not to have explained why a plastic surgeon kept a gun in his briefcase.

An anonymous source "close to Adrienne" seemed to confirm to TMZ that Adrienne has gotten physical with Paul, though only to "protect herself."

"All Adrienne has ever done is protect herself and Paul has been aggressive and violent numerous times. He is 7 inches taller and weighs 100 pounds more."

The couple's head of security filed a declaration in court today confirming he had seen Adrienne hit and scratch Paul in the back of the couple's car last summer. He also says Paul called his wife "bitch" following the altercation, so everyone's happy.

Maloof and Nassif are currently fighting for custody of their three children.

[TMZ // Image via Getty]