Guys, still with the yahoo email accounts? Whatever you say. Here are some Grumpy Old Emails, starring your emails!

A mean old blogger and her mean old blogger bones

Subject: you are completely retarded

congratulations on making women everywhere feel a little bit more like shit today, and reinforcing just a little bit more all the tired, depressing, unfair old sexual double-standards - as if we didn't already get enough of that shit from men. you'd think you could count on promising young female writers to elevate our sex, not drag it down into the mud and cat-fight their older, wiser sisters.I can't

WAIT til you turn 40, you dumb little shit.

Never Sell Fart Worms or, a loose interpretation of NSFW

Hi Neetzan,

Long time lurker, first time emailer.

I'm not so much offended or even shocked by videos like this, but Gawker isn't the place for it. When I see NSFW, I think nip slip, Brittany Spears beaver shot, something sexually explicit, but without much exposure. As Justice Stewart said about porn - I know it when I see it.

Pooled semen dripping from the mouth of a skull-fucked woman isn't provocative or artistic. I think we can all agree that's not a measured and reasonable response to a woman texting in a darkened theater. It's shocking for it's own sake. The only people who would find this entertaining are (thankfully) in prison.

Basically, when I see the letters NSFW, I expect to see something funny that won't be on television. Congratulations asshole. You've ruined porn for me.

Well, for the rest of the week anyway.

Cord more like bored

That's old news Cord!

I very rarely feel the need to comment on Gawker articles, instead I just prefer to troll around and read other readers vitriol, but I do love me some Seinfeld. So on that note, Jason Alexander wrote about his hair piece a while ago. He's not trying to fool anybody. His very honest rant/explanation is below.

Obamabot Mitzvah

Subj: Idiot!!!!!!!!!!
Obamabot idiot.