A 13-year-old Texas girl in serious puppy love with a 12-year-old Kentucky boy she met through online gaming stole her mom's debit card and her brother's car and took off Wednesday night to meet her flame.

Elizabeth Annette Robinson's parents noticed she was missing Thursday morning and soon found a letter claiming she had run away to a friend's house because of a bullying problem at school.

But Tressa Robinson, Elizabeth's mom, knew better.

"She had mentioned that she was talking to a boy online and said he was her boyfriend," Robinson told KHOU. "She started staying in her bedroom more, isolating herself where she was always with the headset, always talking. That's how they communicated through the Xbox."

According to Robinson, the two became acquainted while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. Their frag talk quickly evolved into email exchanges with subject lines such as "I lov u" and "I can't b without u."

After Elizabeth's dad banned her from talking to the boy and took away her Xbox, she decided to go to Kentucky and meet Dylan IRL.

While Elizabeth was cruising across state lines in her brother's 2011 Nissan Versa, her parents were busy tracking her down with help from law enforcement officials and Elizabeth's debit card trail. Finally, around 10:30 PM last night, Elizabeth was pulled over in Nashville, hundreds of miles away from her home in Cypress.

"It's amazing she was able to manipulate the roadways," Deputy Thomas Gilliland told the Houston Chronicle.

Her dad arrived a few hours later to pick her up, but, rather than drag his daughter back home immediately, he decided to allow Elizabeth to meet with Dylan, and drove her the remaining hundred or so miles to Hodgenville.

[H/T: Newser, screengrab via KHOU]